Live The Life Of Empowerment

Find the light within yourself and live to free all that you are

The wonder of this comforting book brings extensive knowledge and tools for the realisation of the self.  Kefah shares higher teachings and healing truths that offer you invaluable insights into

  • Why we are who we are
  • The blocks that limit us from reaching our higher potential
  • How to grow self-belief and trust in the power of you

You are guided to moulding reality to help you follow a truer path.  With the understanding that we are spiritual beings living an earthly experience, these teachings are shared for you to draw inspiration from. 

Having worked with countless people to heal and find strength within themselves she delivers the core of her research in this book.   With a lifetime of enquiry of the exploration of higher consciousness she is able to reveal from direct experience her remarkable awareness on opening to the inner world and one’s true expression. 

She demystifies why we carry blocks to healing and helps us to untether our self from what holds us back from living the truer essence of our self.  Her experience, knowledge and understanding of the higher development of the Soul helps us to liberate the self.  With over 200 pieces of guidance and higher teachings you will strengthen how to follow your inner knowing and open to the true self. 

If you wish to awaken and live the purpose of what you have come for, then this is a must read.


“I really recommend this book to anyone who is sensitively navigating life, healing, deepening their inward journey, seeking truth and to know theirselves better.” A.H

“Kefah has truly inspired me to find and live my shining light – amazing!” T.B

”There is an intangible frame of work able to mirror the polyhedral self.  A space to reconcile and honour our self and let go of the non-essential for the bigger adventure to come.”  M.S

Quotes from the Book

Available in Print, EBook and Audio